Following the dissolution of the orignal Avengers team, Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury set off to find the next generation of heroes. He roamed across the country and located and recruited ten superheroes to help assist with peacekeeping of the world. With the newly appointed Captain America, Sam Wilson, and Pulsar, Monica Rambeau, the new team has banded together to help the good fight!

Hey look everyone! I finished my redesign of the Avengers! This was a lot of fun and I decided to redraw them for this group pose! Again, like with my Young Justice reboot, I made sure to include characters I thought deserved some spotlight! Especially minority characters and women! Because it’s about damn time we use these amazing characters!

The roster includes: 

Sam Wilson as Captain America

Monica Rambeau as Pulsar

Shang-Chi as Iron Fist

Luke Cage

Donna Blake as Thor

Agent Jimmy Wu

Wanda Maximoff as Sorceress Supreme Scarlet Witch

Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman

Jeni Takeda as Hazmat

and Miles Morales as Spider-Man!

You can read about each of the Avengers and their rebooted backstories here!


Calcined work is incredible. I love Jessica drew.

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this should be real beautiful art talented artists

This is for the lovely PSDO, who is oh so kind and wonderful and may have thoughtfully hooked me up with a code for a certain closed beta.

So I drew her some hot Blackwall hawking action. I kinda like to think that if our companions have any free time, this is how Blackwall would spend it. Maybe because he believes theres still Griffins out there and hawking is similar to the old methods used by Grey Wardens to train Griffins.

Anywaaaaay, Thank you so much PSDO, you’re immensely fabulous and I adore you.

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Petition to throw away the ridiculous “Spider-woman” mantles (Which was literally only used to fill a trademark/copyright). I propose that Marvel rename all the Spider women with codenames befitting their talents and personalities, as apposed to being known as the counter part to spiderman.

Petition for Jessica Drew to hold the Mantle of Scarlet Spider.

Petition for Marvel to put jessica in a costume that isn’t stupid. Whats with the weird triangles that seem to sit squeezed between her breasts. Thats not how catsuits work Marvel.

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Andy Bennett (MrAndyBennett) on Twitter

Lovely followers, I’m giving this twitter thing another go. Come join me, and we can attempt to communicate. I’ll be posting sketch work and WIP’s there and using it to hopefully stay in touch with you guys when I’m quiet on tumblr, also i’ll probably post about my Dragon age Inquisition playthrough when its released.

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Guys, I’ve been so busy recently, a good friend is getting married and I’m best man and i’ve got to make a speech. It seems to be completely absorbing my time and I’m equally honoured and terrified. It’s this friday so wish me luck.

Anywho, I’ve been spending some time revising my portfolio and redoing older work. This fella is an revision of an older unicorn/deer thats been sitting in my old portfolio.

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The sky was looking beauts for a couple of minutes today, now it’s descended into chaos and thunder. Any of my followers enjoying the UK storms right now?

The sky was looking beauts for a couple of minutes today, now it’s descended into chaos and thunder. Any of my followers enjoying the UK storms right now?

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I know this will sound weird, but I really love your art. I'm curious: are you currently working in an art related job?


Hello, I’m currently trying to work as an illustrator, but I’m still unable to do that full time, so I have a part time job in a little shop in a shopping centre. When I graduated I really wanted to work in the games industry, however it’s pretty hard to get your foot in the door and most entry level jobs in London are unpaid, which unfortunately I couldn’t afford to do. I’m totally waffling. So I’m getting there, what’s important to me is getting to a position that I can earn enough money to support myself doing the thing I love.

movedtoundeadpaladin asked:

Some good bands you might want to check out: Radical Face, Cursive, Marina and the Diamonds, Nicole Dollanganger, The Antlers, The Knife and Fever Ray.


Thanks for these!

Finishing up my new DA:O play through.

I don’t really plan much ahead, but I want to play inquisition as a human rogue at least once. It bugs me that if I was to use my other play through all my the Thedas Heroes would be human. So I’ve spent a couple of hours every week playing with Lord Balfur Aeducan and loving every minute of it. I never played the dwarf origin before, mainly because I hated the deep roads on my first playthrough. But now I’m kicking myself, that origin was game of thrones style shocking.